Scanner Redefined

Scanned App has different user friendly modes that remove the necesssity of manual interferance.

Batch Mode

Unlock your phone, open Scanned App and start your scanning frenzy through our Batch Mode. Multiple scan various documents back to back without the time lost.

ID Mode

Our custom ID mode grants you the easy usage of ID digitalization. Keep your virtual ID's secure and safe. Do not lose time on cropping ID's diferring from documents.

Passport Mode

Our passport mode enables the user to instantly capture their passports. Scan and safely secure your valuable documentations with our specialized Scanned App.

Telling is one thing, doing is another!

We encourage you to download our app and see the difference with you own experience, starting now!

What Customers Say About Us

Our focus has been on our users since day one and we thought that the best thing that we could have shared about us, were their kind words!


"Been using it since day one, never disappoints, Just WOW"


"I use it for all of my schoolwork, never though it could get this easier."


"Super fast, super easy, whatever you need for security "


"Working long hours in the office just became much much easier, thanks!"